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From the start astrology was employed for the needs and benefit of daily life; the astrologers were astronomers only incidentally and in so far as astronomy assisted astrology in the functions which the latter had to perform in connection with religious worship.

According to the belief of the early civilized races of the East, the stars were the source and at the same time the heralds of everything that happened, and the right to study the "godlike science " of astrology was a privilege of the priesthood.

Seneca says that a Greek translation, made by Berosus, of the "Namar-Beli" from the library the Asurbanipal was known to classical antiquity.

The Egyptians and Hindus were as zealous astrologers as the nations on the Euphrates and Tigris.

Many of its theories are not to be rejected a priori, since the question of the moon's meteorological influence still awaits a solution which must depend upon the progress of human knowledge as to ether waves and cognate matters.

The history of astrology is an important part of the history of the development of civilization, it goes back to the early days of the human race.

The calculations necessary to settle these positions were casting the horoscope or the diagram of the heavens (thema coeli ) at the nativity.

As star of the sun, Saturn was the great planet and ruler of the heavens.The oldest astrological document extant is the work called "Namar-Beli" (Illumination of Bel) composed for King Sargon I (end of the third millennium B.C.) and contained in the cuneiform library of King Asurbanipal (668-626 B. It includes astronomical observations and calculations of solar and lunar eclipses combined with astrological predictions, to which the interpretation of dreams already belonged.The supposed science which determines the influence of the stars, especially of the five older planets, on the fate of man ( astrologia judiciaria ; mundane, or judicial astrology) or on the changes of the weather ( astrologia naturalis ; natural astrology) according to certain fixed rules dependent upon the controlling position of stars (constallations aspects ) at the time under consideration.Judicial astrology--more important branch of this occult art--depended for its predictions upon the position of the planets in the "twelve houses" at the moment of the birth of a human being.

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