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After that Smith’s advantage was a much less impressive 16-13.And yet, there are certain aspects of greatness that can’t possibly be measured by wins, losses, percentages or any other numbers.The height of the cave ranges from 40 to 80 metres from the roof to the cave floor.A thick ancient forest also resides within the cave itself, as well as the famous ‘heavenly light‘ which shines in from the cave’s entrance above.Of course, that statistic is as deceiving as Maryland’s claim of football superiority over N. State this season based solely on the result of the one game played between them.Eight of Smith’s wins came in his first nine meetings with Krzyzewski during a time in which Duke and its young coach were still struggling to establish themselves.

You’re almost never short on places to go and activities to do.

Those brave enough to dangle above the rocky cavern below is in for an experience of a lifetime.5.

Trek to the Abandoned Chicken Church of Central Java, Yogyakarta Image: Matt Smith Don’t be alarmed if you stumble upon this towering bird-like structure while trekking through the Magelang forest.

But if you’re looking for a something more unusual to experience, you’d be surprised at the trove of undiscovered sights and scenes this archipelago paradise has hidden. Feel like a kid again at the Rainbow Village (Kampung Pelangi) in Semarang Who would’ve thought a fresh splash of paint would turn this former slum district into an overnight sensation?!

The vibrant new facelift was the community project to rejuvenate the dull hill-side village and re-instil a sense of belonging to the locals.

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  1. Standing under the Orloj at the chime of the hour is not just simply gaping at an old clock. The Apostles come out in a procession - this happens in the top part of the Orloj. Once the windows close, a cockerel flaps and crows in an alcove and then the chimes of the hour can be heard.