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Happy New year and huge congratulations to you both, thanks so much for taking the time to write a review, we really appreciate it.I have sent you a PM, please respond if you are interested.I began using this site back in 2013, met a really great guy and we started to talk.We met after 6 months of Skyping and wats apping (thank goodness for those apps).Got talking to someone in a restaurant a while ago, nice American girl who told me she met her husband on this site. It actually took me 4 months before I connected with someone who I felt could be more than just a fling or a friend.I don't really understand the bad reviews but then again I am aware that things can happen.I could not be happier, my life is about to change in a wonderful way.

Yes I am one of those who has used dating sites before, without much success to be honest.So far, so good I am a true Southern Gentleman with values and morals, she is a sweet girl from the Emerald Isle with the cutest accent. Thank you for this opportunity and good luck everyone. Give its month, flirt, chat...........flirt some more lol Most important is to be active, don't wait, just go after what you want, in a good way of course.Thanks Guys Joined with no real expectations as I have tried another well known site with zero luck.We are going to be featured in a TV show in a few months and we could not be happier.I am happy to recommend this site and to answer any questions. My pictures were loaded sideways, they helped sort it for me, I had an issue with flirting and they helped me make my profile visible, as you might tell I am not technically minded.

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I am not a fan of guys who want to Skype immediately, but have done after a while when I feel comfortable.

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