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Because that is a form of love."When he was dispatched to a junior school, his life fell apart.The teachers treated him poorly; his fellow pupils bullied him to such an extent that he dreaded breaktimes and the unknown humiliations that they promised. It's not uncommon for people to assume a facade of amusement when tapping into personal trauma, but in Von Trier's case it appears to explain something about his films as well as his life.

"When there's no one to say, 'Do this or do that, go to the dentist, go to bed', then they have to be their own authority.

This bizarre horror-cum-soap opera featured among its characters a doctor who attempts to silence the young girl left brain-damaged by his incompetence, and a woman who gives birth to a fully-grown man.

What gave the series its kick was Von Trier's masterful manipulation of tone.

Critics will stampede to see the film; some of them may even be trampled or injured in the scrum, as was the case when the director's last picture, the musical Dancer in the Dark, played at Cannes in 2000 (when it won the Palme d'Or).

Afterwards, those same critics will stampede again, this time to praise the film to the heavens, or to decry it as somehow symptomatic of the death of cinema.

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