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‘I started posting initially because I just wanted to get my voice heard.I sang cover versions of show tunes and got such nice feedback that I began singing songs I had written,’ says Carrie.But then again, it was these difficult rites of passage that not only shaped Carrie’s childhood, but forged her identity as an online big sister to other girls negotiating their way through the choppy waters of adolescence.It’s no coincidence that Grown-up Carrie is adamant that anyone being bullied must tell a teacher immediately, so that they can take proactive measures such as making sure the bully and the bullied are never seated together or taught in the same group. ‘Because I was in and out of school due to auditions and shows, I never established a friendship group, so I just accepted being ostracised. Tom has always been a protective big brother and although he couldn’t do anything about what was happening at my school, when we were both at home he would spend time with me and give me lots of attention as a way of restoring my self-esteem.’Carrie was born in Harrow, Northwest London, eight years after Tom.Sometimes silly items, such as, “Things not to say on Valentine’s Day,” sometimes more serious stuff on drugs or sexual health.’In print as online, her stance is resolutely nonjudgmental.

Besides being a published author, Carrie is a hugely popular big-sister-cum-agony-aunt vlogger on her You Tube channel Its Way Past My Bed Time, which has more than 500,000 followers, and she is currently starring as Eponine inin the West End.‘That’s something I repeat to my audience – you have to make things happen and create opportunities, not just sit about waiting.If you make an effort in life you will get out what you put in.’It’s hard to square this thoughtful, engaged young woman with the turmoil of her early years, when Carrie, despite having had no training, was fêted as a star-in-the-making by West End musical producers yet mercilessly bullied at primary school. She looked too different: ‘I was made to feel that brown eyes and blonde hair were somehow freakish.’ She sang too well: ‘I was banned from school talent shows without any of the teachers taking time to explain why.’ She was too talented: ‘Bullies accused me of showing off because I was appearing in West End shows, but I never said a word.It’s hard work doing eight shows a week, but utterly exhilarating.’ After , Carrie concentrated on schoolwork, took her GCSEs and, aged 16, began writing a musical with Tom.By then Mc Fly were so successful that his name was enough to open industry doors; the pair pitched their musical to Universal Records and were met with huge enthusiasm.‘The record company in turn pitched the idea to TV and movie companies, and we were even flown out to New York to meet Steven Spielberg and sing for him,’ says Carrie, shaking her curls in disbelief at the surreal turn of events.

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She is the only actress to have played both young and adult Eponine in the West End and describes the feeling as ‘bliss.

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