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Price: ,500 Bundle inclusion: ICAO FIR Flight Information Region (FIR'S), VAAC region, Traffic Flow 2015, 2010, 2002; lenght in NM, CITY PAIR TRAFFIC in both direction, airport statistic, navaids, 5 Letter Name Code (5LNC) significant points around the World always up-to-date...

The most recent version of this Handbook can be downloaded from the ACP website (Repository section), Global Database of Frequency assignments for VHF COM.We would like to invite you to reduce your local infrastructure costs by using our resources and GIS expert experience Price: to be discussed /airport ETOD implementation: 3D Airport Terrain & Obstacle Databases (e TOD) A 3D Airport Terrain & Obstacle Database contains elevation vector data for all significant natural or man-made obstacles around an airport to support Performance Based Navigation (PBN) Procedure Design.By 2015, all ICAO Civil Aviations Authorities must capture this data Price subscription: 5 /year 20% discount on the item you buy on our site (ICAO GIS MEMBER DISCOUNT).Product Format: Excel file with attribute: Name of the FIR, Total of Movements for that FIR following the Clipping of great circle route, Number of flight crossing that FIR, World rank or percentage of traffic for that FIR.Price: 0 Global 5 Letter Name Code (5LNC) Official source, are critical elements in the planning activity of Aviation for route creation.

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History: The ICAO GIS Services was the first in 2002 to create that kind of Map with Arc GIS and receive is first Award ESRI Map Gallery transportation, ICAO Traffic flow global from DATA 2002 is an electronic database compilation from around the world.

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